Forest Couples Maternity | with Amanda Blodgett

We're loving this sweet and soft couple's maternity session! Photographer Amanda Blodgett captures soft light, soft touches, and the romance and peace of two people in love before they become three.

Where have we been. Where are we going. We– society.


I consider my self an old soul, one who longs for the “Love Not War” mentality of the 60’s. That true, unbiased, unwavering kind of love. Free love. But while I dream about an era that has come and gone along-side wars, political controversy, racism, sexism, death, and the downright destruction of the human soul, I realize that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

My first boyfriend was black. Well, half black for fucks sake, but ask me if that made a difference in the way people’s eyes quickly jutted our way when we so much as brushed hands in public. Mississippi. That’s what made me. And that’s what made me love all people. I never gave into racism. I never let it eat me up and swallow me whole the way it had done generation after generation. I was different. And that’s what this session is about. It’s about me and it’s about what I have held back saying for so long out of fear from “my people”.

If I could kneel at the flag as our country professes their allegiance without backlash from those who “aren’t racist but...”, you bet your patriotic ass I would. If I could enter a room with a black man on my arm without a slew of racism running through every caucasian head, I’d do it every damn day.

If I could some day publish these thoughts for the world to see without fear of my business being negatively impacted, then and only then will I truly believe we have changed as a country. But for now, I will let my lens continue to capture those everyday moments that don’t create a sense of discomfort. And for me, and for every person who longs for equality, I will keep shooting these beautifully, empowering images of a couple who deserve just as much love and praise as the next.

I long for the day when two people can love one another for who they truly are. And although, at times, I feel we have come so far, not everyone’s hearts have changed. Let the world find this love equally as beautiful as I do.

Graphic Designer by day. Photographer by weekend. Mama of two– three if you count my husband. I love whiskey, coffee, whiskey in my coffee, and all things killer creative, plus the struggle in between. I am a reformed party-girl with a sense of humor that has never died down and would eat a burger every damn day if my hips didn't hate calories so much.