Self Love Session | with Catherine Holmes

We're loving this self-love session from photographer Catherine Holmes. We've featured other body positive work from Catherine in the past and still are in awe of her ability to capture beauty and smiles the way that she does.

Everyone thinks that being skinny is a blessing. They can’t understand how a woman that is skinny could have body issues. The truth is, for a long time I felt alone in my own battles because although I was skinny, I still didn’t love myself. I was constantly picked on for being skinny. Told that no man wants a woman that was skin and bones. I was told that I looked anorexic, and a teammate of mine even told me that I looked like “one of those starving children in Africa from those commercials.”
There is this stigma that being skinny is bad, and as a result I suffered silently until recently.
Anna was the first person who modeled for me and was completely confident in her body. It showed so much. Every single SOOC shot she glowed. As I studied her, I couldn’t help but to realize how much her body reminded me of mine. She was skinny with tattoos, but she embraced that about herself. She wasn’t ashamed and shooting her made me realize that I don’t want to be ashamed of my body either.
For what felt like the first time in my life, someone was showing me that being skinny was okay. That having body issues about being skinny is okay. That as long as you keep practicing to love yourself, everything else will be okay. Just because you are curvier, it doesn’t mean you are suffering and just because you are skinnier, it doesn’t mean you are not.
There were moments when I just sat and stared, because she was exactly how confident I wish to be.
But I think accepting that whole reality about my body has helped me become one step closer to truly loving myself authentically and unapologetically.
She is such a lovely human.

Catherine is a self love enthusiast from Chesapeake, VA. She enjoys eating, and binge watching TV series on Netflix. Her favorite color is yellow for her grandmother and she is pretty sure she is a gypsy at heart.