Rowyn's Self Love Session | with Elise Aileen

We're ending this week with a self-love session from photographer Elise Aileen. Rowyn is a symbol of strength, compassion, and recovery. We love how boldly and beautifully she's documented in this stage of her life. And that light? Oh, man.

I first met Rowyn about 5 years ago. She was first in front of my camera at the age of 16 as I took photos for her high school jazz choir. As an obviously gorgeous girl she stuck out to me. Over the next few years after we stayed in touch and I had her model for some styled shoots for me. She was always such a beauty in front of the camera...little did I know there was so much she was battling inside.

About a year or two went by without seeing or hearing much from each other, until a few months ago when Rowyn reached out to me wanting to do a photo shoot. But this was different. Rowyn opened up about her struggle over the past decade, dealing with an eating disorder. As she has been working on a road to recovery, she wanted to do a shoot with her now curvier body as a part of her healing process. Of course, I said yes and immediately started to put together this shoot.

I reached out to Christina Coon ( for organizing our location and setting and Erica Rinkor (@Erica.rian) to do styling as well as hair and makeup. When we all arrived on the day of the shoot, this amazing group of women just immediately bonded over this vision and the whole reason behind taking these photos. We popped some champagne, turned up some music and basically had a little party to celebrate Rowyn and everything that she is working towards.

In talking with her after the shoot she said “It was amazing and terrifying and exhausting and brilliant. I was surrounded by women supporting me and cheering me on as I explored my body and myself in ways I hadn’t before because I have been too scared. It was a step for me to focus on loving myself, no matter what the public says.”

I am so proud of this shoot...not just because I think we produced some beautiful images, but because of what it meant to Rowyn. Women supporting other women is ALWAYS a beautiful thing.

I am a 32 year old photographer from Sonoma County, California.
I am completely self-taught (through a lot of trial and error) and so I love being able to share my experience and support with other creative women trying to establish their career.



Coordination: Christina Coon

Styling & Hair and Makeup: Erica Rinkor @Erica.rian

BABE: Rowyn @ruederow

Jamie Carle