Adventurous Couples Session | with Elisebeth Anne Photography

We're loving the carefree and cool breeze vibes that Elisebeth Rodriguez is giving us. Our hearts are sad that summer has come to a close, but this also reminds us what we can look forward to next year! Elisebeth captures this fun married couple beautifully.

Andy and Sarah are the sweetest of sweethearts. I met Sarah through college, and I had known she had been with a very kind soul during that time. After almost 5 years of dating, the couple got engaged in Florida on vacation (at sunrise by the ocean - talk about romantic). Less than three months later, they got married at a courthouse, just a two days before Sarah walked across the stage for college graduation. Two weeks later, we scheduled this amazing couples session in Taylors Falls, Minnesota. We climbed around the beautiful cliff sides and rocks that line the St. Croix River on a very hot and very humid June afternoon. I led them around for an adventure while they shared their story with me. As the session continued, the sweat started to drip. The heat and humidity became nearly unbearable, and yet, they snuggled in and cuddled closely for every photo.

This session captures their adventurous spirits. At one point, I pointed to a rock and asked, “Do you think you can climb to that?” Andy made it over in no time and helped Sarah on to the rock that looked directly over the water. I was almost overwhelmed with how willing they were to go out on the ledge (literally) for each other.

It also captures their love for the outdoors and Minnesota’s many woods, but more importantly, it captures their deep and passionate love for each other. A love that chose a “less than traditional” route, but is thriving more than most love I know. With these photos to share, they are planning a formal wedding ceremony and reception to share with their friends and family for next June. As their wedding day approaches and is now less than a year away, these photos can act as a symbol of their love at the very beginning of their marriage.

I'm a Midwest-based babe who thrives on love. I seek out love to capture and to share with the world, regardless of who or what that is between. Looking for me? I'm probably chugging a chai tea latte while watching Shameless right now.



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