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we are


A photography community created to empower Babes, to cultivate insane creativity, and to set us up for success in business and in life - our hectic, crazy, beautiful lives.



 Because Babes have power; we have grit and guts, but sometimes... sometimes we need the calloused hand of a righteous babe to pull us through our shit.

Made by perfectly flawed Babes for their friends, companions and fellow travelers - This is a place where female photographers who capture the vast complexity and wide diversity of the female experience can speak up and be heard.



The Manifesto I know this to be true

 A Babe is a collective; their parts makes a powerful whole, complicated, multi-faceted, and beautiful. Though they are whole, too often their parts are dissected and analyzed, critiqued and judged, and at some inevitable point, they lose their shit and suits up for a goddamn battle; they're tired of being parts and pieces.


You aren’t parts.
You’re a natural born BABE.


This word is ours now. We’re taking BABE back from those who would see us as parts and pieces, and under this banner we stand for empowerment, true acceptance, and chasing your dreams like a bat outta hell.

Here, the weapon of choice is a little black box. You wield it with wisdom and reckless abandon, aperture pulsing to the time of your fleshy, beating heart and yes, you take back what is yours.


You are a righteous
gotdayum BABE.


We suit up, show up, and take steps towards our dreams.  

Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot.  

We believe that tribes of Babes banded together will change the world with wills like iron, laden with raw vulnerability and a vision of equality.

We boldly proclaim that financial success and creative fulfillment can marry and thrive.

WE BELIEVE IN YOU, and that alone, we are sparks, instinctively seeking the glowing flicker of others like us, and as we unite, the ignition is pure fucking magic.

And so it is, with tattered flags and bleeding hearts, our anthem speaks to the intrinsic badassery of the babe within us all.


We're betting on you and we want you!THE BABETOWN TRIFECTA


And just who do you think you are?


You're a Babe with a mission. A Babe who knows her worth, and if you don't, you've come to the right place. You dream big and reach even further. You invest in yourself, in your passion, and in your art. You create magic with that camera around your neck, capturing fleeting moments but life long memories.



You reach out to help others, lifting them where you can and digging deep within yourself to do better. You step outside of your comfort zone, even when it's downright terrifying. You crave community and adventure and to immerse yourself into newly discovered territory. You fight for what you want and don't give a damn about others opinions of it.



At your core, you're a human. A beautiful, empathetic, free spirited, bad ass human. You see perfections in the imperfect and hope in the hopeless. You're fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire, and your intuition is your most coveted superpower. You find your worth within but those around you give you life.



You’re under arrested development until you’re ready to admit to your crimes and atone for your sins.


01. You downplayed your brilliance02. You’ve been playing small
03. You can’t see your babeness
04. You’ve given up hope
05. You were mean to yourself
06. You continue to underestimate your talent
07. You don’t know how beautiful you are



Welcome to the


We gochu, so let yourself fall head first into the waters and trust the tide that raises you up.